Healing Starts Within

In college, I fought and protested for environmental and animal rights causes. Behind the scenes, I struggled with alcohol and drug addiction.

I found my bottom, the depth fo desparation. In recovery, I found much of my healing through cultivating an intentional yoga practice. In 2020 I started my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with My Vinyassa Practice. 

I came to the realization that healing needs to penetrate every area of our world when I intended as a marine biologist in Hawaii. I saw the disconnect between people in the marine conservation field and their own nature. I saw people who, like me, had a fiery passion for healing the planet, but stifled their efforts by their inability to show up for themselves first. 

We commonly see this in our capitalistic society. People running on caffeine and junk food, complaining of exhaustion and headaches, projecting their frustrations and inner wounds into the work they do. Imagine what would happen if everyone was able to show up in society fully present and functioning at their full potential.

No one is free until we are all free.

-Martin Luther King Jr

There is no separation.

Healing starts within – no matter what you do. 

Want to save the oceans?

Start within.

Want to help children?

Start within.

Want to make impactful art?

Start within.