Website Packages

Landing Page

For the business owner

who just needs a one-page

site to display information

about their business. 

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Starting at $500

Depending on your needs, includes:

  • You own the website forever
  • A unique, modern design
  • Responsive site
  • SEO
  • Custom CSS
  • Social Media integration
  • Contact forms
  • Website Security and protection
  • Room to grow! This site can easily be expanded on if you decide to expand your online presence
  • A training session to teach you anything you want to know about your new site

**Hosting fees and domain registration will be calculated separately

Simple Site

For the business owner

looking for a website 

with multiple pages and

simple interaction.

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Starting at $1,500

Depending on your needs, includes:

  • You own the website forever
  • A unique, modern design
  • Responsive site
  • Website security and protection
  • 5-7 page website
  • SEO
  • Social Media integration
  • Blog
  • Email Opt-in
  • Image optimization
  • Scheduling software options
  • Contact forms
  • Regular site backups
  • A training session to teach you anything you want. to know about your new website

**Hosting fees and domain registration will be calculated separately

Ready to Sell

For the business owner

ready to sell their products

or online services through an

eCommerce marketplace or membership site. 

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Starting at $2,599

We will work together to create a detailed, custom website package for you which might include:

← Everything included with a Simple Site

  • Responsive eCommerce store
  • Secure membership login
  • Online course layout

**Hosting fees and domain registration will be calculated separately

Recycled Art

Mohamed makes art from scrap materials that would otherwise be thrown into the ocean as trash.  


An online market place for customers to easily purchase mushroom growing supplies. They’re working out the details of selling fresh local mushrooms in the Fort Collins area. I am so excited to watch these modern farmers grow with their new website!


Lousiana Center for Health Equity

A non-profit addressing the increasing disparities in health and healthcare across the state of Louisiana. ADA Compliant Website.


Travel Blog

Follow journeys from land to sea and learn from how you can do the same! Excited to see where this new site travels…

**client content is still being uploaded


Online Course Membership Site

A place for students to easily purchase course memberships, navigate through course content, and monitor their course progress.



My first eCommerce site! A simple landing page with a built in store. Easy for customers to navigate and purchase handmade, natural bath products!



*This site is no longer live*

As my very first web design project, I designed a beautiful blog for myself.

Bright, colorful, and a fair amount of animation. Visit the site to explore the details of my first design.

Eco Tourism

**This site is no longer live**

My second project was to design a site for sailing charter Jersey Girl – a beautiful ketch sailing around the penisula of Baja California Sur.

A simple website with an ocean feel and a lot of animation. Go ahead, explore!

Conservation Communication

My current project is working with a start-up company hosting ecological yoga retreats to raise money for sea turtle research and conservation. 

This site is more complicated and has a lot more information to convey. I am still working on this site, so if you are exploring and some things don’t look quite right, give me a little more time. 

Look No Further!

I offer Affordable Web Design, branding, and social media management.

And I passionately care about serving mission-driven clients!

Look through my portfolio and my design process below. If like what you see, let’s get started! Answer a few questions for free quote or contact me with any questions you have about my process.

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Modern Design

Image Optomization

Responsive Site

Graphic Design


Social Media 



Digital Marketing 


Mood & Outline

Before I can start, I will need a few things – your color scheme or a moodboard, desired pages, a plan of your desired functions, and content. Content includes photos, logo, text, contact info, etc. If you are missing content, I also offer photography and copy writing services!


Preliminary Design

Next, I build a visual outline of the site layout with your color scheme, pages, and desired functions. When you send me your feedback and edits, I will work on developing the final design!


Developed Design

Then, I complete the design – integrating  your content and photos, making adjustments to the preliminary design, adding final touches like animation and functionality. 



After you have approved the developed site design, we will work together in a final round of revisions.

I will also set up your site email accounts at this time if you are hosting through me and teach you how to log in. 



The really fun part!

We launch your site and go live to your customers!

If you prefer, we will set up a session so you can see how to work any functions your website!


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