1) What I need from you:

Your Logo

PDF, EPS or high res JPEG or PNG if possible.


Current or new images and photos of your business, team, products, or services. 


Content & Text

Any information you want on your pages, information about your organization, team bios, your mission statement. 

Hosting & Domain

If you already have a domain name and server I will need the login credentials to get started on your redesign. 



This includes a style guide, branding book, color schemes, or any style guidelines you have. 

WP Credetials

If this is a redesign project I will also need your WordPress login information. 

You will upload this content on the organized Trello board for your web design project unless we have agreed I am creating content for you.

2) Trello:

Trello is an amazing workspace for organizing projects and sharing content. I will send you an email with an invitation to a Trello board. You will upload this content on the organized Trello board. I will accept content only through our Trello workspace. If you are unfamiliar with the platform I will send you instructions. This ensures everything is in one place, you can see what I am working on, and we can make sure we have everything we need.

3) Dropbox:

For any large images that will not fit on our Trello board, we will use Dropbox.

4) My Design Process:


Preliminary Design

I develop an initial layout design based on your needs and color scheme.



You approve the basic layout and structure of the initial design and provide feedback and revisions via email or a video chat session. 


Developed Design

I develop the design by adding any final content, information, images, functionality, plugins, etc. 


Final Revisions

You provide any revisions or edits on the final developed design. Once you approve of the developed design, we launch!

5) Finally, We Launch!


The moment you’ve been waiting for! Your site goes live and people can explore your new work of art.

All login credentials for your website and email will be sent to you via Trello. PLEASE KEEP ALL LOGIN CREDENTIALS FOR YOUR RECORDS.