3 Sustainable Fashion Companies You Need to Know About

By now most of us know the implications of the fast fashion industry. One would have to completely turn a blind eye to remain unaware of the harm the fast fashion industry is causing our planet. However this can feel like an overwhelming problem to solve. There are so many cute clothes and what we wear affects how we feel! We can’t just wrap ourselves in sustainable, boring hemp fiber every day and say that’s enough. So below I have 3 slow, conscious fashion brands that you are going to LOVE.

The Phoenix Brand

The Phoenix Brand takes a material science approach to their textile creation. They guarantee no plastics in their fabrics EVER. Clothing degrades over time and synthetic fabrics shed microplastics into our waterways with every wash. The Phoenix Brand is committed to ending plastics in the fashion supply chain.

They also promise to never use dangerous chemicals or toxic dyes. One of my favorite pieces from The Phoenix Brand is their Natural Indigo Dyed Organic Cotton Fleece This fleece is dyed using natural indigo plant dye that starts as a light green color and oxidizes to the beautiful dark blue over time.

Natural Indigo Dyed Cotton Fleece from The Phoenix Brand (I live in this lol)

If you aren’t already in love with the Phoenix Brand yet, let me tell you about their artist collaborations. The founders of The Phoenix Brand wanted the company to be more than a clothing company – they wanted to be a discovery platform for emerging artists. They partnered with a New York Based Band, The Flowmings, to create a stunning capsule collection.

The Phoenix Brand is a place where conscious fashion meets art and expression. Check out their designs now at ThePhoenixBrand.com.

The Modern Vagabond

The Modern Vagabond is a sustainable fashion brand with the mission to empower women. The founder of The Modern Vagabond is committed to bold style and expression in the sustainable fashion industry which has mainly been bland typically only offered bland options. The Modern Vagabond uses fabric made from natural bamboo and hemp fibers and every article of clothing is hand sewn together with love in Florida.


The founder of The Modern Vagabond, releases collections periodically throughout the year. Orders are taken when designs are released so Queens can make any custom requests they need. This business model DRASTICALLY reduces waste and ensures that items fit all body types because they can be made to measure.

Follow The Modern Vagabond on Instagram to stay up to date on the next collection! And find out more about the company and previous collections at ModernVagabondClothing.com


Little Black Pants Club

The Little Black Pants Club is a made-to-measure bespoke lingerie service based in Brixton, London. Supporting Little Black Pants club means supporting the transition into a regenerative fashion industry. They pay all of their technicians a livable wage (the fast fashion industry is also a human rights disaster). They are also developing soil to soil materials because as they say, “we can regenerate the planet when we think in cycles instead of straight lines.”

Who knew sustainability could look this sexy?

Some sustainable fashion companies are incredibly pricey and even fast fashion lingerie can be incredibly pricey, so I was pleasantly surprised by the prices of Little Black Pants Club. I would even be willing to pay more! Check out their Ocean Protection and Femme Power Subscriptions on their website. Follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date.

***They are based in the UK so shipping could add a bigger footprint depending on where you are ordering from – just something to keep in mind, but as long as we do out honest best we are making a positive impact for our world.